The activation of the service

Completion of the form enables the activation of a demo account that allows the sending of 25 messages with two attachments (Jpeg and/or PDF) per message.

For activation, the following information needs to be provided in the form:
– first and last name
– WhatsApp number required for activation;
– email address authorized to send messages.

The PRO profile is activated within the reserved area, therefore it is first necessary to activate the FREE and then migrate to PRO.

Once the form is completed, you will receive the login credentials for the reserved area via email. You will also receive a WhatsApp message from the number 39 08119306999 to which you need to respond with the verification code.
What to do if you do not receive the email (spam, etc...)?
Even when you fill out the form, the account is still created with the user (email) and password. If you don't receive the email, go to the login page and click on "Forgot your password?". You will be asked for the registration email and you will receive an email with the link to set the new password. By accessing the reserved area, you will read the verification code (red bar) to be indicated as a response to the message received on WA.

Thank you for your cooperation
Mail2Wa – Netlab Srl

Things to know and most common mistakes.

  •  When filling out a message, the recipient should be indicated with the international prefix (Italy 39), for example
  • Versione PRO:
    – you purchase from the reserved area after activating the FREE.

    – if you have WhatsApp Business, you can associate up to 5 devices;
    – if you use regular WA, you can associate up to 2 devices;
    – our device is generally identified as MAC OS.

To the economic conditions reported qui and at Condizioni generali di contratto available on the site, the supply of the Mail2Wa service is required Mail2Wa